Recreational Vehicles: Travelling in Comfort

bullet imagebullet imageRecreational vehicles (also called "motorhomes" or "mobile homes") are no longer the rough-riding, slow-moving, top-heavy vehicles of the past. New models from companies like Entegra RV are sleeker, lighter, and smoother-riding than their older counterparts. They embody the ease, simplicity, and safety of luxury travel. They are also better streamlined, more attractive, and have the technology for better gas mileage and easier handling. Below is an overview of the many amenities drivers should look for before purchasing a new RV.

The newest RVs (including the Entegra Coach Luxury Motorhomes) have motors with between 450 and 600 horsepower capacities. Most now have 6-speed diesel engines, allowing for greater gas mileage and lower cost per gallon than older, unleaded motors. Many come with both front and rear end suspension to ensure a smoother, quieter, safer ride. Two-stage front, drive, and rear axle anti-lock brakes are now the norm. New RVs are also equipped with two chassis batteries, have remote air connections, and have dual-fill fuel tank capacities of between 100 and 150 gallons.

The kitchen areas of RVs like the Entegra Coach come with stainless steel sinks and are placed at the midpoint of the vehicle. Induction heating surfaces make cooking fast and easy (often faster than home ovens). Compact silverware drawers, deep, enclosed waste baskets, and convection microwaves less than 2 cubic feet in size allow for more dining space and greater convenience. Full-service refrigerators that are less than 25 cubic feet provide food preservation and typically come with ice makers and water dispensers.

RVs like the Newmar motorhome come with separate or partially-enclosed bedrooms. King-sized beds are now common, as are closets and ceiling fans for especially warm nights. Mattress from brands like Tempur-Pedic, Corsicana, and Serta ensure the same comfort and restfulness as a home bedroom. In-floor heating and and 1,500 BTU air conditioning units are standard, while central air is available in the highest-end models. All of these amenities are powered with 50 amp electrical cords and gas-powered generators.

Power-ventilated bathrooms come standard with the newest motorhomes. Enclosed showers with skylights are available, as well as porcelain-tiled walls and floors. Like other flat surfaces throughout the RV, counter tops are LED-lit, allowing for bright, low-cost illumination in every room. In the bathroom, the sink is an integrated part of the counter top. Full-sized porcelain toilets are standard.

When searching for the best RV, drivers should take one final consideration into account. Safety is the first priority. The best RVs include smoke, propane, and carbon monoxide detectors. At least two motion sensor lights and a burglar alarm with glass-break sensors are among the many amenities that ensure safe, comfortable, enjoyable vacations for years to come.